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All workshops include demonstrations, references and some basic materials.

If appropriate I will paint alongside you, teaching you step by step as you learn the fundamentals of colour mixing, composition and value.

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19 and 20 August

Colour & Brush 02

Completion of Colour & Brush 01 preferred but not required.

Cost $220

2 days, 9:30am to 3pm, Sat & Sun

A knowledge of Colour Theory expands our understanding and appreciation of the different ways that we as artists use color.

Some artists are captivated by the effects of light; some are absorbed in the symbolic meaning of colour; and some use colour to express their feelings. Colour theory in art can therefore be put under three headings:

  • Colour as Light
  • Colour as Emotion
  • Colour as Symbol

In this workshop we will explore the 3 headings and discover the vocabulary required to express our feelings about a creation or design. We will revise information learnt from the ‘Colour and Brush 1’ workshop and create small works on paper or canvas throughout the weekend.

This workshop can be completed in either acrylics or oils; a requirement list will be available on enrolment.

28 and 29 October

Advanced Abstract

Completion of Abstract 101 preferred but not required.

Cost $260

Limited to 12 people

2 days, 9:30am to 3pm, Sat & Sun

This workshop follows on from Abstract 1.

After initial revision, we will work from a realistic drawing to complete a piece that is non-representational or semi abstract in nature.

We will start on drawing paper with process-oriented exercises using paints and drawing materials prior to going to canvas.

Workshop Includes

  • Medium canvas
  • Some materials
  • Tea and coffee
  • Critique Glass of Champagne on completion

Requirements list available on enrollment.

11 and 12 November

Water Surface

Cost $260

2 days, 9:30am to 3pm, Sat & Sun

In this workshop, you will be guided through the process of painting an underwater scene. I will teach you how I overcome the unique challenges and complex difficulties water studies can present.

By merging realism and abstraction, you will produce a painting that is both powerful and beautiful. Work will be completed in acrylics and oils. A kit will be available for this class, if you are interested please contact me for details.

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Art with Flowers

$50, 7PM

An extension of art itself, floral art design is the art of using foliage and fresh flowers to create an attractive and balanced composition.

You will be guided step by step to complete modern floral designs. The works incorporate the art elements: line, form, space, texture and colour and the principles of art: balance proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony and unity.

All materials are supplied.

Classes held monthly

Inquire at Neighbourhood House for exact timing.

Drawing and Painting (Beginners to Intermediate)

$70 (payable to Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House), 10am to3pm

Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House,Heatherly Grove, Lakes Entrance

Bookings are made by phoning the Neighbourhood house on (03) 5155 2277.